Great Ideas For Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting ideas for small bathrooms

Bathroom lighting should never be your last priority. The interior design of your bathroom may look great but no one will notice that if lighting is poor. Great lighting helps us look better in front of the mirror and provide optimum clarity. And believe it or not, it also helps us feel good. Read through this article to find more about lighting information and tips.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Good lighting has a lot of uses in the bathroom. It provides us focused task lighting at the mirror, diffused lighting over the shower or tub, and spread-out light for the whole bathroom. Lighting fixtures for your bathroom come in many shapes, sizes, materials, finishes and colors.

bathroom light ideas

One type of light fixture is the bar light. This comes as a series of torchieres installed in a metal bar. This metal bar is attached to a wall over the sink and countertop. The bar light can hold different shades, which range from white to translucent to frosted. You can find polished brass, chrome, antique and nickel finishes for the metal parts.

Vanity globes are kinds of bar lights. They are light bulbs typically enclosed in white glass bulbs. They are reminiscent of lighting fixtures that frame traditional movie star mirrors. Because these lights are strong and wide, they are great for use with mirrors. You’re able to shave or put on make up with better clarity and precision.

Next, light up your bathroom with recessed lighting. This oftentimes can illuminate the whole bathroom. Recessed lighting includes chandeliers and simpler circular lamps.

Ideas For Bathroom Lighting

If you want something different, add sconces. These are lighting fixtures that typically consist of a single light bulb and shade. These are often attached to a wall and resemble lighting fixtures in large hallways.

How To Light Up Your Bathroom

There are two main types of bathroom lighting you should consider. These types are fluorescent and incandescent lighting. The major differences between the two are cost and usage.

Fluorescent bulbs typically give you that greenish/pale look in the mirror, and so obviously aren’t for mirrors. However, they are very cheap. If you’re on a budget, you can use fluorescent bulbs for your entire bathroom (over the shower, bath and closets) and use a stronger, clearer lighting for your vanity mirror.

On the other hand, incandescent lighting provides more clarity. This type of lighting makes your skin look great in the mirror, since it spreads light more evenly. You may use this for the entire space or just for your vanity mirror.

lighting ideas for bathroom

Most of all, don’t forget natural sunlight. This is often overlooked, however, sunlight can even be stronger than artificial lighting. So a tip is to open your windows more, prevent anything from blocking them or add more windows if you’re planning to renovate.

Lighting Ideas

For a dramatic look, go for hidden lighting, where light is purposefully bounced off surfaces instead of directly focusing on just one area. You can even install a special switch that enables you to adjust lighting intensity. If you’re into trends, make sure drillings and fixtures have standard sizes so you can have fun changing them from time to time.

You may use this guide to improve your bathroom lighting. As you can see, it isn’t that hard to choose the best lighting fixture for you. All you have to do is plan out what style and mood you want to go with.


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