An Introduction To Bathroom Cabinets

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Installing bathroom cabinets is a great way to expand bath storage. The idea here is to create more space as well as style in your bathroom. This article will talk about the types, styles, materials and lighting of bathroom cabinets.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

The four main types of bathroom cabinets are cabinetry, open shelving, over the toilet cabinets and linen closets. Cabinetry is basically a cabinet that has an enclosure, which is typically a slab of wood that can be opened or shut with a handle.

Sometimes, the enclosure may appear to have no handle at all, but instead can be opened from the bottom. Open shelving may come with cabinetry and can be used for placing towels and other personal items.

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Over the toilet cabinets are those mounted on a wall over the toilet for extra storage. Finally, linen closets are built from the flooring up to the ceiling where baskets are inserted into the structure to store linens and other belongings.

Styles of Bathroom Cabinets

The basic bathroom cabinet styles are the face frame and frameless vanity cabinets. Face frame vanity cabinets have a storage box that is typically framed. On the other hand, frameless vanity cabinets have a storage box that are made of extremely durable material and typically has no frame. The absence of a frame gives any bathroom cabinet a more contemporary feel to it.

Materials of Bathroom Cabinets

The material of a bathroom cabinet is usually wood. Many prefer this material because it is both durable and elegant at the same time. However, there also cabinets that are made of plastic, but still resemble wood. Wooden material offers a variety of textures, colors and patterns.

Your wooden bathroom cabinet may be whitewashed with a bisque finish, colorwash stained, or painted with solid-colored paint. A faux finish can even be applied to the wooden material so that the surface looks like marble or other completely different materials.

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One of the most durable materials is oak. It is formal and has an open grain. You can choose from a variety of colors including yellow, white and red. Cherry is a hard wood that is best known for its beautiful grain. It also varies greatly in color.

Pine is a less expensive alternative. This type of wood has a rustic appearance and is therefore great for Mediterranean-style bathrooms. Most wood can look great with a dark stain. This gives any cabinet a more timeless and classic look.

Lighting of Bathroom Cabinets

Vanity cabinets typically have mirrors. This is where good lighting becomes essential. Everyone needs good lighting while shaving or putting on makeup. Sometimes the lighting fixtures from your bathroom ceilings just won’t provide enough light.

A bathroom cabinet can have a simple bar at the top that lights up. This is a cleaner design best for modern/contemporary bathrooms. Other cabinets may have sconces or wall lamps by their sides installed separately on the wall.

Choosing bathroom cabinets can be confusing at first. There are so many styles, materials and other fixtures to consider. However, start by basing your decision on budget and lifestyle. Shopping for a new bathroom cabinet should become easier this way.


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